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Photographer | Content Creator

Markus Van Meter is a mountain landscape and western lifestyle photographer based in Ouray, Colorado. His photographic portfolio tells a story of mountain living with a focus on Colorado Ranching.

Markus worked for Ralph Lauren on his Double RL Cattle Ranch in Ridgway, Colorado as a cowboy before moving on as a professional photographer and school teacher at Ouray Schools where he teaches photography, video production and digital media.

He started shooting photography in the mid 1990s at the same time launching a career as a digital designer building custom digital footprints for high-end boutique businesses. It's taken years to refine his style and perfect his vision for telling stories thru imagery. Markus's work has been used by the Colorado Tourism Office, Outthere Colorado, Ouray Tourism Office, Denver Life Magazine, Adventure in the San Juans Magazine, USA Today, Sunset Magazine to name a few.

Markus enjoys the quiet mountain life of Ouray, Colorado with his longtime wife, Annette, who also enjoys the Western Spirit.

It’s All About Vision

You have a story to tell and in today’s digital climate pictures communicate, compell, and motivate. The last time you held on to a piece of marketing collateral it was most likely because of the photography. Not the words. The right imagery will allow you to say your 1,000 words without saying anything. Working with forward thinking brands are what drives my creative process and my deep background in marketing will advance your brand’s storyline. Reach out.


Mountain Landscapes & Western Lifestyles 

They say photographers shoot the things they fear losing the most. Capturing images of Southwest Colorado and the western lifestyle are what make Markus tick. Most of his images are built using HDR (High Dynamic Range) to bring out all of the detail in a scene.  This offers deep colors and tones along with a 3-D look that borders on looking like a painting. 

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Publications & Collaborations

USA Today-GoEscape 2019

Adventure In The San Juans-Summer 2019

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Colorado Tourism Office

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