Bio - markus van meter

Beyond Adventure Photography

Ouray, Colorado

My name is Markus Van Meter and I’m an adventure photographer from Ouray in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. I haven’t climbed Everest, nor have I skied Chamonix. I haven’t even been to Nepal but I love to shoot pictures of people outside living life to the fullest in all environments.

Adventure, Assignment and Advertising photography is what I specialize in; taking concepts and building images that have a distinct human element for active brands.

There’s a lot in this world I want to experience before my inevitable dirt nap and always looking for opportunity to explore and connect with new subjects. Storytelling, adventure, creative works, and visual voodoo motivate me to constantly challenge myself in my artistic works so I can share compelling images with the world.

I’m very fond of Ravens and the fact they represent the souls of people who have died in the mountains. We have a lot of Ravens in Southwest Colorado. I can find beauty in almost anything. 

I greet the World with a smile in a time it’s not hip to do so, and I believe deeply in teamwork, community and collaboration. Let’s stay in touch. Better yet, let’s ski Cham.

All The Best,


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